The one where I write too much

I’m at the age where work is my life so expect to see more posts about/related to my job (sometimes it’ll be shameless plugging like this post) and since I’m really getting into the groove of work, it’s been much easier to talk about it.

This June’s issue of Total Fitness I find usual three article contributions supplemented by a bunch of additional assignments I worked on awhile back.

I talk about my yoga journey in my Outbox guest column, I reviewed the Barre3 studio at The Spa over at Bonifacio High Street a few months back and the review comes out in this issue, and I have the article on my Batad trip earlier this year, which I know I have to reshare the details here.

And my usual writeups include articles on productive ways to use your free time, tips to clear your head, and learning the art of mindfulness.

The absolutely stunning Marian Rivera is on the cover this month.

It is another jam-packed issue so even if it is mid-month, it is still worth grabbing a copy.


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