Gaga over Jelly Bean

I have not been shy about my Android/Google fangirl ways. I have on more than one occasion admitted to Google “owning” me, which is probably creepy and dangerous but then again most of the things I need or use on a regular basis (especially when it comes to work) I access via Google (on other times there’s my other lifesaver, Dropbox).

As cluttered as the eco-system is, I have gotten it to work for me and I don’t see the need to jump ship (nor do I have the funds for it or the actual patience to transfer everything to Apple’s eco-system). So with the announcement of the new OS coming out, I’m already flushed with excitement with what Jelly Bean has to offer.

Luckily enough, I got my hands on a Galaxy Nexus a few months back and it is one of the three devices that are getting an OTA update mid-July (the other two being the Galaxy Nexus S and the Motorola Xoom).

A few of the features that have really excited me include:

Expanded notifications features that almost lets you navigate your handset just from the notification tray. You can expand and collapse each notification and perform basic tasks such as seeing new Google+ and Foursquare updates, check on new entries from Pulse, dial a number from a missed call, preview incoming emails, etc.
Access to gallery from the camera app by just swiping at the screen
Faster and less lag thanks to Project Butter, which is Google’s effort to make your Android experience more “buttery” smooth when in use.
Offline voice dictation. I’m not really the type who does voice dictation but this might come in handy in the future.
Google Now or what they call Google’s answer to Siri. This feature is able to predict what you’re going to ask it by using your location history, email history, search history, and calendar entries. It is admittedly creepy once you realize how much Google “knows” about you and this has already started ringing alarms when it comes to privacy concerns and whatnot. But what’s handy about Jelly Bean and Google Now is that the search window displays a series of cards of your commonly accessed information. Yes, Google Now is like a fortune teller/stalker built in your phone. (In case you were curious, App Judgment has this really hilarious Siri Vs. Google Search Face Off)

For you Android fans out there, what features of the new OS excite you?


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