Surreal, beautiful

I can’t review anything for the life of me. I’d rather love or hate something or just blissfully stay in between without having to explain myself. So this “non-review” portion of the blog is born. I want to feed the pop-culture fiend in me and talk about things that excite me or make me think or even elicit negative feelings in me. Basically, as long as I feel strongly about it, then I talk about it.

And I need to talk about this album. I just need to talk about this amazing trio. A friend introduced me to their music a few months back and just found myself sucked in rather easily. Their sound is very relaxed with cheery beats and sweet words in some and melancholic heartbreaking lyrics in others (Of course that easily spoke to the “tortured soul” in me).

Getting into them this year feels like such an opportune time because this year (this week actually) they finally released Coexist, their sophomore album after their debut back in 2009.

This article from The Guardian basically sums up the entire experience of Coexist and The xx for me.

Coexist is yet another barely there album in which the dawn seems far away – but it’s hard to imagine anyone minding, so compelling is their signature sound.

If you listen to the entire album from cover to cover, it feels like you’re listening to one really long song that’s ebbing and flowing through a relationship. It starts surreal with Angels and ends with the promise of love with Our Song.

It is absolutely captivating. I’ve been reading a lot of comments about this not being better than their self-titled debut but frankly I don’t care. Whether it is or it isn’t, it’s still “barely there” magic. It’s 37 minutes of pure beauty.

Tracks to check out? Unfold, Fiction, Our Song, and Tides do it for me.


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