Looking back, moving forward

I look at the year that was with relief. “I survived” seems to be my initial thought. It hasn’t been an easy year. Perhaps some of you are still going through tough times at these moments. You’ll learn quickly enough in this world that problems (or those we perceive to be problems) won’t stop for any thing, any one, or any time.

It's a good day to have a good year

But with that in mind I have learned that enthusiasm, resilience, and inner strength are what you need to be unstoppable. As each challenge arises, so must your resolve to overcome it increase.

You know that things won’t always be bad. Those “catastrophic” moments can be matched by so many happy memories. Because that is how the world works. You take the bad with the good. You cherish the victories and learn from the mistakes.

A new year doesn’t necessarily give you a clean slate. Fortune doesn’t change overnight. You are exactly where you were 24 hours ago. However, it is a reminder that you can do or, more importantly, be better.

Hoping you all have a fantastic year ahead! I’ll leave you with an ideal song to start the year with (with a band I am currently crazy over).


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