Free Verse: Parallel Lines

I started writing poetry back when I was a kid. I’m no expert in the field nor have I studied the form seriously (at this point, I just might) but I’ve just enjoyed putting verses down on paper. I have a couple of notebooks to prove it. I was rather prolific in high school and somehow tried to revive it in college but my daily obligations and other distractions got the better of me.

I forgot how therapeutic it was so now I’ve slowly started to pick it up again. And this time I want to share my work with the rest of the world. With this new blog section, I want to digitize old pieces and share some new stuff I may conjure up. I aim to tap into my muses this year and eventually move on to bigger creative pursuits.

The first thing going up is a piece I call Parallel Lines.

Free Verse: Parallel Lines

Click on the image for the full size.


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