Challenge accepted: Turning dream jobs into reality

It’s the start of January and I am on board the positivity train with no desire of getting off any time soon. With all this positive and inspired energy swirling inside me, it’s but time I pursue more things that make me come alive.

One of those things is blogging and putting my thoughts and ideas out there. I’m taking part in a special blogging challenge for the month that is hosted by Wanderrgirl extraordinaire a.k.a. Arriane. It would have me talking about a few personal and important things that will be published every Sunday.

The first challenge is Claiming your dream job.

Work hard to claim your dream job

I was asked fairly recently by a colleague what I wanted to be growing up before I decided to take up my current writing/editorial-based profession. The art of writing came naturally to me as a kid. Words have always made sense to me. But before that, when I didn’t let my self-imposed limitations/actual limitations (mathematics and I don’t really mix well, okay?) get the best of me, I’ve had pretty big dreams for myself.

I wanted to be an architect at one point (but remember my math point). When I was being talked into taking up the sciences, dentistry seemed like the best bet for me (I also am queasy when it comes to blood and whatnot). Then I also wanted to be an archeologist or paleontologist (not quite sure where I got that but this has always been a secret dream). And then there was my dream of becoming a fashion designer (I used to have sketches to prove that).

It really isn’t in any specific order but I’ve found myself flitting among those career choices. Eventually, I just eased myself into writing, from high school paper editor-in-chief to becoming a journalism major. I just found myself in this career path.

So, would I say that I’m living my dream job?

Sort of, but not quite. There are other hyphens or dashes I want to add to my name—that of a novelist and travel writer and interpreter on the side.

  • Being a published author is a dream I have tried and tried to start up at different times in my life but I have yet to fully commit to it—I know I should, though. I’ve had a story in the back burner I think I should probably dig up because up to this day, I still consider the premise a pretty good idea (or at least I want to try it out).
  • Travel writing, while I get to do that on occasion, is something I want to do more of. I like wandering off to different places and trying out things and being able to share with others what I discovered and learned. What’s better than experiencing the world and getting to share those experiences with others?
  • And a lesser known goal in life is to be fluent enough in Japanese and work as a translator on the side. Or this could be a result of wanting to pursue the two other dreams but in Japan (yay!). Being a polyglot is a major life goal that I am still steadily working on.

When I think of these dream jobs right now, it’s more of how much am I willing to be brave and go after them instead of thinking they are out of my reach. I know they are, I just need to acknowledge my fears and work from them.

This idea of not letting fear be a hindrance was actually brought up to me by my lovely partner for this project, Jonette a.k.a. @putingtikbalang who I know has what it takes to make her dream job come true.

Claiming your dream job -

If someone has a Meaningful Work Project section on her site, you know she means business. (If you’re feeling challenged creatively when it comes to food, check out her Cook It! page). If you want to check out, what Jonette says about her dream job, click this link. She even has a visual way of presenting her many aspirations, which if based on what she’s told me so far I know she can achieve.

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18 responses to “Challenge accepted: Turning dream jobs into reality

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  3. Hit me up when that novel of yours get published. Would definitely love to read it. 🙂

    But hey, novelist, travel writer, interpreter — that would make for a really good protagonist!

  4. Also I think it’s so cool that a number of girls in Arriane’s group have wanted to be architects or are architects (like me!) Pretty cool! 🙂

  5. You are a writer. No doubt about it. I loved reading your post! 😀

    I would love to get to write a book as well, maybe about something that I will hopefully excel in (design?). I think you definitely have the chops for it, so you should go for it!

    I’ve always wanted to learn Japanese to, but more for personal reasons than anything (I’m a big anime geek). Japan is forever my dream place. Let’s go for it! Gambarimasu! :>

    • Thank you really! ❤ I'm trying to hack at it slowly now. Words like that are really encouraging. 🙂

      I would love to read a design book from you.

      Honestly, I want to learn Japanese for fangirl purposes, too (big JPop/Jdrama fan). It's forever my dream place, too. 😀

  6. Yes, you’ve ALWAYS had a way with words. I picked that up a long time ago 😉

    I GET WHAT YOU MEAN WITH WRITING A NOVEL. Buti ka pa nga may idea na eh. I just know I want to write one, but it’s been at the BACK of my backburner – that far down the priority list! Whew. Maybe it’ll be one of my more Eat Pray Love moments, but who knows? I find that my dreams seem to concretely manifest in my life at the weirdest times.

    I want to be a Korean interpreter naman!!! For, well, obvious reasons. Haha!

    • Thanks really. 🙂 And again I really thank you for this opportunity. It makes me feel excited to blog again.

      Hindi ako magtataka kung bigla ka magkaroon ng novel out of nowhere. haha

      Oh yes, I do. *coughs*Jaejoong*coughs*

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  8. Cheers to you for being brave! You’re already doing one dream job, and that’s one more step to making every other dream job possible. Good luck to you and I hope to witness your published work, your travel chronicles, and Japanese fluency and interpreting soon. 🙂

  9. I wish I could hug you through the Internet right now. I’ll be cheering you on — here’s to living your dreams, and living life to the fullest! I’m so thankful I got to meet you and work with you on this challenge. 🙂

  10. You are not alone in the first choice. I think many of us here would be happy with success in publishing our work. I, too, have begun 2013 with a renewed focus on making this happen.

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