Challenge accepted: Dare to move

Talking about dares, the first thing that came to mind is Switchfoot’s Dare You To Move, which I think is appropriate background music for being brave and daring.

I dare you to move

I’m a big wuss, to be honest. I don’t watch scary movies. I used to not be able to watch zombie films, too (there’s progress in that department). I don’t like being scared out of my wits. But I understand that pushing yourself/getting pushed out of your comfort zones can be the most liberating of experiences.

When I think about the adventures I’ve been on the previous year, I can say I’ve managed to look my fears in the eye and have obviously survived. I’ve slid down this 20 feet or so (I’ll just say it’s tall and long) tarp slide into the sea, attempted to wall climb (attempted because my upper body fails me), went whitewater rafting (which is one of the best things EVER, you should try it), crazy Formula One weekend in Singapore, trip to the rice terraces in Batad, etc. I’ve actually done a lot of things that scared me. It didn’t diminish the fear but at least I know I can still go out there and do fun stuff.

Anyway, I’m digressing/taking a trip down memory lane and I don’t think I was able to say what this week’s post is about at this point. For this week’s challenge, it’s five dares for 2013.

This will involve a whole lot of “stepping out of the comfort zone” and probably blog posts when I do finally get around to accomplishing them. I’m taking the general route so I might be able to hit a whole bunch of things at one (or I’m still too chicken to say something specific).

Dare #1: Planning and actually going on a trip alone

I’ve done my fair share of solo traveling but it’s mostly in conjunction with business trips (like I’d ask to stay behind for a day or two). And it really is such an enjoyable experience. But I want to plan for a trip on my own or at the very least attempt these Travel Factor or Route +63 solo.

View from the Batad Rice Terraces

It’s a totally different head space when you’re walking through the rice terraces (or listening to Adele while you’re up there).

I did the Conquer Batad trip with Travel Factor (as mentioned above) but I was with a close friend. I want to, as a friend says it, escape on one of these trips by going by myself and knowing no one else.

Dare #2: Attending classes of something I normally wouldn’t do

Last year, it was yoga. This time I want to try something like a cooking class. Because of my goals/dream job, Japanese is already on the plate. So, I can’t really say that is something I normally wouldn’t do (but it does take some courage on my part to be back in school). It really can be anything, even something art-related, as I am visually challenged as well. 😛

Dare #3: Saying ‘yes’ more often

I’m kind of a stickler when it comes to my schedule and usually will not look favorably at sudden schedule changes or surprise invitations. I know I have to let life surprise me. So, it’s more of saying “yes” to life and the curve balls it throws at me. I want to ease up on my hermit ways and put myself out there.

You have to say yes to new things

Dare #4: Volunteer for something

I keep saying I’ll volunteer but I find one excuse or another to not do it. Even for just a day or an afternoon, I know this year I have to do something and give back to the community.

Dare #5: Detox day/afternoon

And by detox, I mean everything from my diet to my constant need to be online and updated. This is going to be a tricky one because I have always battled with my addictions (food and the internet). I complain a lot about getting fat and all and feeling drained from the constant interaction the internet requires but I don’t do anything about it. I need to have a day where I eat healthy and restrict my internet use. I’m still working out my schedule for this but I plan on putting this into action.

Special Dare: Consistent with my workout regimen

This special dare is brought to you by my awesome blogging partner, Jonette. Fitness (as mentioned in my previous dare) is something I struggle with, too. I’m actually happy that I’ve been able to wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual every morning to squeeze in some exercise. However, I feel like I’m not pushing myself enough and not really taking my nutrition seriously. Like Jonette, I want to be consistent about it. I have a friend who’s going through a complete lifestyle change with her strict diet and exercise routine and I really can’t help but admire her for it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to reach her fitness level. But to do that I know consistency is key.

Being healthy

This post is brought to you by:

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*Main photo is taken from quotedphotography
*Say Yes photo is taken from noshicieroncreer
*Being Healthy photo is taken from Reasons To Be Fit


8 responses to “Challenge accepted: Dare to move

  1. All your dares are so great that I kinda want to do them too (as if I didn’t have enough on my plate haha!) I’d really love to volunteer though, and I think that detox thing is something everyone should take on every once in a while!

    Good luck with your dares! You can do it! 😉

  2. Reading through your own adventures makes want to get out there all the more and have some of my own! Exciting!

    Here’s to living it up with our dares, and coming out all the better for it! 😀

  3. What great dares you’ve made for yourself! And it’s totally fine not to be too specific at first. I think goals should be fluid as the year passes us by and we can assess our demands and responsibilities.

    Detox day is such a good idea! I’m trying it out for myself as well, but I’m reducing it to a detox half-day XD

    Wish you luck on all your dares! 😀

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