Take 3: Samsung Galaxy Camera

When I created Wandering Geekette I promised to indulge—among other things—two big parts of my life my love for traveling and my geekery. I get my daily dose of geekery from work by being surrounded with a lot of the latest gadgets out (or about to come out) but I’ve neglected to carry that over to this space.

I’m providing the excuse that sometimes I just want to step away from technology because I spend a large chunk of my time on it. However, since I promised to talk about this part of my life and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a job perk, here’s my first Take 3* post on the Samsung Galaxy Camera.

Samsung Galaxy Camera


1. Excellent macro shots
I was impressed by how easily it takes close-up shots. It’s all just a matter of selecting the Macro mode and composing your shots. Here we have an up close and personal look at Pampanga’s local delicacy, camaro or crickets. (Yes, I ate one of those—emphasis on ate, I’m not keen on doing that again.)

Shot of 'camaro' taken with a Samsung Galaxy Camera

2. Android Jelly Bean-powered camera
Some might be turned off by this “anything but the kitchen sink” approach Samsung’s done to this camera but I’m actually charmed by it and its convenience. I take my time before I upload shots I take from cameras because I find it tedious and time-consuming. But for those like me who just want to share their favorite shots instantly, this camera lets you do that.

Plus, you get the familiar TouchWiz user-interface, which I will admit to not being a fan of but is a welcome replacement for the clunky and dull user-interfaces of cameras.

3. Great value at its price point
The Galaxy Camera is marketed in the US I believe around $500 including the data plan (because this is a 3G + wi-Fi camera!) but locally it’s sold at P23,990, which is quite affordable for the camera’s specs and all the extra thing it offers.


1. Dirt and fingerprint magnet
This is a specific rant is for the unit I had. I was using the white version and while it has a matte, it can still attract dirt. And having a touch-screen means it will take tons of imprints of your grimy tips. If you spring for the white one, you have to always have a cleaning cloth ready.

2. Easily sucks the life out of your batteries
With that many features, this camera is expected to drain your battery fast. We had it running with 3G on while taking and uploading photos and I got probably around four hours out of it. You can use those mobile phone battery extenders if you don’t want to spring for a spare battery yet. I will suggest you get one, though.

3. Struggles in low-light conditions
Digital cameras aren’t really known for being good with low-light photography. Heck, most cameras suffer in barely lit conditions. The Galaxy Camera needs the extra help you can give it (like using the pop up flash or a tripod or tinkering with the settings) if you want to use it in dark places.

Given these points, it’s still on my gadget wish list. Its novelty and extra features make me wish I had it under the Christmas tree last year.

And on an interesting side note, I was interviewed on TV for this camera at the end of last year. Do not ask me for the link because I haven’t really haven’t been looking for it.

Samsung Galaxy Camera - ANC appearance

Photo taken by my friend and colleague, Lara. And my article on this Pampanga trip is in this month’s issue of Speed, among other writeups I did (there is a lot this Jan-Feb, I’ve been very active. haha).

*Note: Take 3 won’t just be limited to gadgets. It’s more my rave/rant post about random topics.

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