Perk up your Tuesday: For the love of the craft

I have five words for you for this Perk up your Tuesday post: Dave Grohl’s SXSW keynote address.

I have Hello Giggles to thank for this sudden inspiration. I will admit to not knowing Dave Grohl as much as I should but really, I am all for artists who express their love for their craft. I like hearing about how people get to where they are—about what they had to put up with and what fuels them to continue.

One of my favorite (really long) quotes from his keynote has to be his anecdote on how he started his musical journey and his motivations for why he does what he does.

“I burned inside. I was possessed and empowered and enraged and so in love with life and so in love with music that it had the power to insight a fucking riot or an emotion or to start a revolution or just to save a young boy’s life. So I joined a band. I dropped out of high school. I hit the fucking road. I starved. My hands bled. If I slept, I slept on floors. I slept on stages. I slept on floors under the fucking stages. And I loved every minute of it because I was free and I wanted to insight a riot or an emotion or a revolution or to save someone’s life by inspiring them to pick up an instrument just as I did as a kid.”

I hope it inspires you to look for a purpose that is bigger than you. If you have that already but haven’t pursued it, I hope this spurs you on.

Hope you’re having a great Tuesday! And yes, I’m finally back.

*Featured image is copyrighted to ©Shaunreganphoto and taken from shaunrgn


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