When F1 history was made in Manila

An F1 first happened in the Philippines fairly recently. Filipino-Swiss driver Marlon Stöckinger took a Lotus F1 car to the streets of Manila for a special motor sport exhibition. The two-day event started at Quirino Grandstand on the morning of May 4 and made its way to SM Mall of Asia that afternoon. Another exhibition round was held the afternoon of May 5.

As Formula One fangirls, my friend Ana and I commuted to the other side of the metro to be part of this pretty big event. And by big, I mean, this is the first time an F1 car has been used for an exhibition in the Philippines and it has been driven by a Filipino driver no less!

F1 Road Show poster

I have a couple of shots uploaded here and a slightly spazzy video I took at the event below:

We spent roughly two to three hours under the sun for those couple of minutes to see and hear an F1 car roar past us. Last time I heard the sound of F1 cars drive past me was at Singapore last year and that experience cemented my love for the sport.

Our friend Edree decided to join us to see Marlon Stockinger in person. I salute her for actually staying under the heat of the sun with us that afternoon.

Formula One isn’t as popular a sport as basketball or boxing here in the Philippines but it does have a loyal fanbase and I am hoping more events like this happen in the future (meaning someone bring Mark Webber in a Red Bull/any other F1 car!).

I have nothing but praise when you ask me about Marlon. I got a chance to interview him for Total Fitness Magazine and I do admire his discipline and love for the sport.

If you want to read about it, I’ve added a copy of the interview here (click on the image to get the full size):

Marlon Stockinger Interview for Total Fitness Magazine 1

Here are the links for Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.


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