I have to get over my fear of fake blood on TV

Da Vinci's Demons

I’ve noticed that a number of the shows I now follow (Revolution, Game of Thrones, Da Vinci’s Demons) aren’t shy about having a bone or two stick out of places, a few digits being cut off, people getting stabbed or shot at random body parts, and nudity that is enough to start what could be a fun or disastrous drinking game.

It all just seems so gruesome for me but the stories are quite riveting so I feel slightly stuck and conflicted. It sometimes proves too much for a girl who almost faints at the sight of her own wounds. I know it’s all “make-believe” but seeing parts of the body that should not be coming out of the skin is quite jarring.

Am I too sensitive for modern-day television? Or is there really just too much gore out there?

On a happier side note, Tom Riley is too adorable and hilarious to be ignored.


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