Surf’s Up!

You hear the waves coming from behind and feel them underneath and over your board as you prepare to stand up and once you’ve found your balance and actually get up, it gives you the greatest sense of accomplishment that can only come from doing something you though you couldn’t do. You’ve all heard of the “Impossible is Nothing” slogan and at the moment, you feel exactly that way. That was how it was for me on that surfboard that fine day in Samar.

Surf's Up - Surfing

I am thankful that I finally got the opportunity to surf at the end of this summer with the great people from Epson Philippines and a bunch of my old and new friends from the tech beat at Calicoan Island, Eastern Samar (a gorgeous place I haven’t been to as well!).

Surf's Up - ABCD Beach

That trip has fueled my surfer girl dreams even more and I’m just saving up now to plan a surfing trip with friends who are interested in the sport as well. And the video below shows very brief glimpses of me just failing and eventually succeeding on the board as well as all the other fun stuff we did. Now, I just need to learn how to paddle and learn to stand longer on the board. Great trips like this make me miss my job, I admit. But this was definitely good way to close my stint with Speed.

Oh, and apparently this blog officially turned a year old a few days ago! I’m trying my best to update more often now and have a whole bunch of ideas to post about.


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