Anticipating Eiga Sai

This is my third consecutive year of watching at least one or two (or more) films they’re showing for the Japanese Film Fest or Eiga Sai. Yes, I am one of those people who patiently falls in line two to three hours before the movie to gain access to the free film fest. But I’m not sacrificing that much time just for the sake of a free movie. I have, as you may or may not know, an affinity for the Japanese pop culture. It waned for a bit but I’m back to watching Japanese dramas and the like now, so you can say I’ve rekindled my romance with the what I would like to call my second motherland.

There are nine films in total and, of course, I already have a handful of them I want to see primarily because they are top-billed by some of my favorite actors and actresses. Here are some of the films I’m willing to stand in line for this July.

Otouto (About Her Brother)

I mentioned on Facebook how it doesn’t feel like Eiga Sai if I haven’t seen a Kase Ryo film and Otouto feels like the perfect entry for this year because he’s starring with my favorite Japanese actress, Aoi Yuu.

Well, I’m a Karina fan and I have this thing for relationship-centric stories so this looks promising to me. There also seems to be a bit of intrigue/mystery thrown in. I’m sold.

Rinco’s Restaurant
Seems like a lighthearted, fun movie helmed by Shibasaki Kou. I’ve gotten so used to her being the badass boss lady so this is a breath of fresh air.

Dear Doctor
It has Eita in the cast and that is enough reason for me to watch it. Plus, it promises to be heartwarming or at least heart-stirring tale and Eita in a lab coat. I am easy to please as you can see.


Kenichi Matsuyama as a badass lone ninja on the run. Enough said.


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