Top 10 Tunes for June-July 2013

What I get from being “funemployed” (well, mostly unemployed) is that I have been obsessively updating my iTunes and tweeting about the music I’ve listened to lately. It just hit me that I should just make monthly compilations of the songs/albums that I’ve taken particular notice. I decided to just do one for June and July since I’ve listened to these songs for the past month or so already and I’ll do the monthly thing once we enter my birthday month a.k.a. August.

The songs featured here aren’t necessarily going to be new tracks. Some of them might be but it is a mix of old stuff from new people I follow and new releases from old and new favorites.

Here is my pick for June and July. They aren’t really ranked in any particular order, I’m just putting them down as they come to me.

Haim – Go Slow
Haim—or what my friend Meg likes to call the female Hanson—is one of my latest addictions. I think these girls have a bit more spunk and sass to them though. Stumbled upon them through their song Forever but fell completely in love with this song and this particular performance.(Yes, panty-dropping pickup line in the end included.)

Up Dharma Down – Indak
I know Capacities is a relatively older album but I’ve only lately started to obsess with it (I know something is wrong with me) and with this particular song. Indak, much like a lot of UDD’s songs, is honest and makes for perfect easy listening. Well, except that it is a pretty depressing song.

Patrick Stump – Run Dry (X Heart X Fingers)
This is an even older song but I finally got my hands on Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump’s solo effort and I’m in love with the entire album. I can’t repeat it enough how he’s gotten so much criticism (from Fall Out Boy fans no less!). Most of the album is feel-good, fun, and quite dance-y, much like this track.

Gabrielle Aplin – Panic Cord
Stumbled upon Gabrielle Aplin’s Please Don’t Say You Love Me, which I adore as much as this song. I like the honesty and somehow cheerful melody for this one even if it’s actually quite a sad song.

TOKiMONSTA – Clean Slate (feat. Gavin Turek)
TOKiMONSTA’s Half Shadows album is one of my favorite albums of the year. I particularly like this track. I like how hopeful the lyrics are and how the song builds up as it goes. I like running along to this song (and most of Half Shadows actually).

Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?
I have one word for this track: SEXY. Alex Turner and the boys of Arctic Monkeys do it again. It’s such a seductive track that easily gets me in THAT mood. (Up to you how you want to interpret that.)

XXYYXX – Set It Off
I consider XXYYXX as good writing music. Lyrics can distract me sometimes so music from the likes of XXYYXX, TOKiMONSTA, and even a whole bunch of movie soundtracks are good backdrops for when I need to put the writing cap on. Set It Off has a pretty relaxed vibe that’ll work when you’re entertaining people at home or something.

Sons Of The Sea – Lady Black
I was surprised to hear that Incubus’ front man Brandon Boyd had a solo project. It was a good kind of surprise though, particularly with this track. I’m just completely in love with this entire song—the lyrics, the beat, everything.

Maude – Habol
It started out as work assignment that turned me into a fan of their music. Straight-to-the-gut lyrics and great beats (I love Eve, too!). Their album is still in the works but I’m really looking forward for its release.

Until The Ribbon Breaks – Pressure
I stumbled on this song when I was visiting Michelle Chamuel’s SoundCloud account. I like how the songs speeds up and slows down at different points. I haven’t checked out his other stuff but I know I should soon.

I’ve joined these all into a lovely mix over at 8tracks if you want to give them a listen. What tunes have you been obsessing over this past month?


4 responses to “Top 10 Tunes for June-July 2013

  1. Nice list! Glad to find something good to listen to. My favorites from this list would be Go Slow, Indak, Do I Wanna Know, Lady Black, and Habol. Thanks for sharing these tracks!

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