The quarter-life and ‘Closing Cycles’

A week ago I stumbled upon the full text (or what I assume is the full text) of this quote from Paulo Coelho. The piece is called Closing Cycles and you can read it here. It struck me how right it is for this time of my life. If you’ve read it or decided to read through it now, you could probably relate to it in a different way. However, do indulge me since it is my birthday and this is my blog so I’d just like to talk how it is for me.

The quarter-life and Closing Cycles

Turning 25 is considered such a big deal because it feels like you’ve found yourself right in the middle of leaving the kid in you behind (more on the immaturity side than losing the fun-loving, constantly curious side) and having to actually start taking adulthood seriously. I mean, I’m sure there are still so many stupid things to be committed and thought of but it is important to take things seriously. It’s a lot like closing that chapter and beginning a new one.

I’ve learned a lot over my 25 years of existence and as I cherish the good times of the years gone by, I know it’s time to close this part of my life. I’m taking the lessons and the memories with me but I’m leaving everything else behind.

I would have to admit that reconciling the old image of being 25 and actually being at the doorway of the supposedly landmark year are two completely different things.

For one, I thought as a kid that by 25 I’d be married or engaged but I have managed to stay single (by chance or choice I’m no longer sure) for the entirety of this period so marriage isn’t in my immediate future. Plus, I’m in no hurry to get married anyway. I would love to be in love but that isn’t in the cards for me at the moment so I’ll take what I have. I know my relationship status doesn’t define who I am. While I’ve had bouts of loneliness before, I’ve more or less come to live and appreciate this time of my life when I’m alone and could do whatever the hell I want (not that I’d let a man tell me what to do but I know I’d have to learn to compromise).

Another is how my career and passions have me in a completely different place than I expected it to be at this age. I more or less know what I’m good at and what I love doing but I’m open to learning more and seeing what other talents and things I might be able to excel at. It hasn’t been an easy year for me professionally but I consider it all now as an important lesson. I’ve learned to say no to what was no longer working for me so I can make room for what will make me feel fulfilled and happy.

Speaking of being grateful, I’ve had a good support system that got me through the horrible days and celebrated my victories with me. I thank you people from the bottom of my heart and frankly, I think you guys are more than enough reason for me to look forward to what the years ahead of me have to offer.

I’m done with being 24, I’m ready for the new year.


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