Perk up your Tuesday: Ditch the anger

I haven’t done Perk up your Tuesday in a while but I’ve got fresh material now and ready to impart some good vibes. Today I want to tackle the idea of resentment and anger. I know it’s not usually seen as a source of positivity but it can be if you add letting go and forgiveness into the mix.

Perk up your Tuesday - Ditch the anger (cover)

I was listening to this Girl on Guy podcast with Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 as the guest and at the tail end of it Aisha Tyler and Chali 2na started to talk about anger and getting pissed off and learning to let it go. Aisha said something like:

I try the older I get to forgive people not because I’m letting them off the hook but because I’m going to let myself off the hook from being pissed off. Because when you hold on to that shit… you got the kung-fu grip, right? You’re the one tensing up. It doesn’t mean what happened wasn’t real. It just means that holding on to it is fucking with your own peace of mind.

Chali 2na adds something about his mother or grandmother telling him that by staying angry at people you are letting them take up free space in your head, you are letting them live rent free in there.

We all know how true that is but we often choose to stay angry and simmer and resent someone for as long as either of us live. And for what? Until we get our revenge? But really, will getting even change what has happened? Of course, it doesn’t. What happened has happened.

I’ve had my brush with anger lately at the Fall Out Boy concert. I ranted about it on Facebook and Twitter about how the kids (I know not all of them were but there were many of them) did the stupidest thing of jumping the barrier at the staircase separating the General Admission section (where we were seated) to the Upper B seating area and since we were seated near the barrier we almost got trampled by these huge wave of people wanting to one up the system. Not only was their action stupid, it was also dangerous and quite unfair to the people who shelled out more than us (P1000+ more) to be seated where they were.

Everything about that entire incident pissed me off (the concert was amazing except for that part) and my chest still tightens just writing about it now but I know I have to let it go. I have to let myself off the hook from being mad. I’m thankful we weren’t hurt and no one seemed to have injured themselves but that was just really dumb and I hope someday these people realize how idiotic that move was. I’m probably the only one still stewing over it and so this podcast conversation just reminds me to let things go.

And so I’m here to remind you as well to let go of the things that anger you. Do yourself a favor and let go. You don’t have to forgive now, although that would be better. It’s just time to cut yourself some slack. Your sanity will thank you.

Cover and blog photo courtesy of Katkat Martinez


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