Free Verse: Give Me The Morning + Ruby Veridiano’s For the Fallen

It’s Friday and the weekend and we here in the Philippines have barely made it through a disaster-filled week with Typhoon Maring/Trami. I am more than thankful I live in part of the city that doesn’t get flooded but I really do feel for everyone who had to evacuate their homes yet again because of the flooding. It’s time to pick ourselves up again and hopefully all the scandals and disasters that have happened in my country lately will have us continually seeking responsibility from our so-called politicians. Anyway, this isn’t a political post but one that I would like to use to impart hope.

Free Verse - Give Me The Morning

The featured poem I included today is something I’ve held dearly for a while now. Ruby Veridiano’s For the Fallen reminds me of how we should always be there for each other, even if we have our issues and worries. I believe that setting aside your drama and just being there for someone else is what you need to get through things. Be the kind of person that has someone else’s back because not only are you helping them but you’re lifting yourself up as well.

So if you’re falling
Don’t trip
I swear,
I got you.


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