Talkin’ Tech: Phonebloks, my dream phone

Covering consumer tech for the past 3+ years, I’ve been asked countless of times what’s the best laptop/phone/insert gadget of choice. I will admit that it is not the easiest question to answer because it really depends on what you want and need but if you were to ask me what I would spring for myself, of course, I know what I want. And I have not drooled after a piece of tech since the HTC One (yes, that is still my dream phone, preferably the Google edition). until this concept from Dutch designer Dave Hakkens.

Phonebloks addresses our need to have the latest and greatest technologies while helping lessen the electronic waste we have inevitably accumulated. Plus, it takes out the need to replace an entire unit when just one thing about it isn’t working. I had that “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?” moment and I’m happy that the idea is out there now.

I’ve seen comments about this from people saying this would make a good crowdfunded project but realistically, this will take a while for it to be a real product. Honestly, will these large tech companies be willing to give up millions and even billions of dollars worth of business for something that would actually be practical and help save our environment at the same time? I still hold out hope this idea pans out and the manufacturers take the idea seriously though.


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