Intentional Dissonance: Emotionally captivating

Iain S. Thomas‘s Intentional Dissonance reminds me of the myth of Sisyphus with the allusion to looping actions and being forever trapped in that sequence of events.

Intentional Dissonance

I somehow anticipated how the book was going to end but it still manage to catch me off guard. I’m still trying to digest what happened to Jon, Emily, Michelle, Edward and One Eye. I got the good kind of goosebumps when I read until the last page and happy I didn’t give up on it midway through.

I admit that I wanted to give up on it a couple of times. I was disoriented with the time travel aspect of the book and that sci-fi foundation of the story didn’t appeal to me much at first. I’ve gotten used to the grounded and real nature of his past work, I Wrote This For You, so this was completely new territory. But after finishing the book, I saw just how in touch Iain is with the human emotion. He basically told an emotional tale set in a dystopian future.

He slowly laid the ground work for the human side of the story bit by bit so I will urge you to read through it even during the times you feel you want to put it down. What particularly stuck with me was the need to have sadness in life. Or rather how having opposite sides of the emotion spectrum (i.e. happiness and sadness) is essential for living.

I don’t want to write too much about it out of fear I might give away important plot lines for the book but I would recommend this.

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