Perk up your Tuesdays: Keep On Keepin’ On

I stumbled upon this Allison Smith comic one evening while scrolling through my Tumblr feed and felt like it couldn’t come at a better time.

 Perk up your Tuesdays - Keep On Keepin' On

I have been navigating blindly through life for the past few weeks/months thinking of where my life should be taking me right now. Thoughts ranging from:

“I should be working abroad right now.”

“I should be earning more from writing.”

“I should be traveling more so I have things to write about.”

It’s just one should after another but then I remembered that life and the world doesn’t owe me anything and I have to make things happen for myself. But that thought didn’t empower me as much as it discouraged me further.

You see, I failed to get into another online journalism course (in the Netherlands this time) that I was gunning for. And while I wasn’t putting all my hopes into it, I couldn’t help feeling a tad disappointed that thing weren’t going as they planned.

“Things weren’t happening as they should!” Goes the thought in my head. But I go back to the idea that the world owes me nothing and whatever I have in this world at the moment, I brought into it.

And so I return to that Allison Smith comic and the reminder that I should pick myself right back up. It’s a reminder for you, too. Keep trying. Keep failing. Keep doing.

I’m still holding on to my goal of finding employment abroad, fulfilling my writing dreams, and living alone somewhere else to see what else the world has to offer me. I just went through another setback. That is all. And this comic reminded me that challenges are necessary for me to grow. These setbacks remind me that I should keep writing and hopefully one day, I can become the best I can be.


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