When things don’t work out, just keep fishing

After the self-proclaimed “love letter to the world” blew things up for this blog, I felt like I needed to write a Valentine’s Day entry. Sure, it’s a manufactured holiday meant to empty men’s wallets and break single girl’s hearts the world over but I also see it as a reminder to look after your heart and share your love (romantic or otherwise) with others. Call me a sap but that’s what it has always been for me (which is why I prefer calling it Heart’s Day). And that inner sap has led my heart to places society would tell me I should regret but I truly don’t.

I found myself developing feelings for someone who I couldn’t be with. I don’t really plan on going into detail about it but I’ll just call my situation with him a case of really bad timing. And I have to tell you it wasn’t easy for a while but I got over it. I know the situation was a lesson I needed to learn and the things I felt were emotions I needed to go through.

It’s a good thing I have people in my life to remind me to always be open to things despite setbacks. My cousin reminded me that my “almost but not quite” situation is not the end of my story. And whatever bad thing you’re going through when it comes to love, it isn’t the end of your tale. You have to keep putting yourself out there, too.

“Love is like going fishing. You’ve gotta go fishing to find them. You run a greater chance finding him if you take the risk and cast your line out than the person just sitting by the shore waiting for the fish to come to them. Then if you do go fishing and you spend some time struggling to reel a fish in and after the struggle and tears you discover he’s a goldfish, then that’s okay, too. You set it free and then cast your line back in. You keep casting through the struggles, the goldfish until you find your kingfish. And so that’s what I tell you, he was your salmon. A good catch but not your kingfish. So you set him free and recast your line.”

And she wrapped it up rather beautifully for me:

The struggle is beautiful and the catch will even be better.

Just let things happen. Never force things that aren’t going to work. And I don’t think I’ll ever stop saying that you should settle for less than you deserve.

Now, that inner sap also wants to share a lovely song from the past: A Fine Frenzy’s Near To You (at least a beautiful cover of it).


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