Control is an illusion

I have thought a lot about the illusion of control when it comes to life. In theory, the idea makes sense. I know I don’t control anything. The world is just as its meant to be and it is just waiting for me to react in a way I see fit. The world is waiting to see if I fight or flee. It doesn’t care if I feel cheated by the choices presented in front of me. The world just is.

Control is an illusion

Credit: Brain Pickings

But in practice, my nature makes me want to fight this idea. It wants to blame the world for cheating me out of the things I wanted (or thought I wanted) on more than one occasion. And it’s foolish but I’ve mostly lived that way in the past 20+ years of my existence. And I am sure a lot of you out there live this way, too.

Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to see the world through an enlightened perspective. To be in a position to easily let control go. That’s why I particularly liked listening to Aisha Tyler’s interview with actor Mehcad Brooks on her Girl on Guy podcast. He talked a bit about his near-death experiences that taught him to let go of the illusion of control.

I am envious of the insight he has gained but I also understand that I shouldn’t think that I need some major life change or tragedy to make the decision to let go. And I also understand that I am embarking on a tough challenge. But it is something I want to take on. It is ironic though how letting go seems to be such a difficult thing to do.


2 responses to “Control is an illusion

  1. omg nicoley, wavelength! I just wrote about the same thing on lj (on private though) but I’m the opposite — I know we pretty much don’t have control but I’m thinking about whether I shouldn’t give up and try to seize some form of it or something. Haha!

    • I’ve always agreed with the idea of going with the flow but it’s harder for me to let go of control. Or at least let go of the idea that I have a semblance of control over anything. 😀

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