Fangirl life at The 1975 concert

Around four and a half hours before the TriNoma leg of The 1975‘s mall shows in Manila, my friend Meg and I were unsurprisingly welcomed by an already long line that took up about a quarter of the venue’s circumference. But as concert veterans, we were prepared for the wait.
Fangirl life at The 1975 concert
A friend was teasing me recently about how I probably went to around 100+ shows a year. While a grave exaggeration, I have been to a bunch in the last few years. And after all this running around, I discovered a few things about myself and the concert/fangirl scene.

Good music knows no age
This is probably just an excuse I want to use when it dawned on me that a lot of the people in line for the concert were a few years younger than us. There was a good mix of high school and college kiddies in line. You can see some young girls in band shirts. And you can see some boys and girls carrying fan signs (we’ll get to that later). It would seem the concert scene is outgrowing me but then again I’m not one to step away from the scene just because the youngins’ are increasing in number (although I might sing a different tune in a couple of years). When I like what I hear, I’d make it a point to catch them live.

Patience can run thin though
Remember that long line I mentioned in the intro? Well, those were the kids I’m willing to bet were outside the performance area as soon as the mall opened. It’s such a young person thing to do. I find that I no longer have the patience to spend more than four hours (even I’m starting to find that a bit excessive) to wait for an event. I relish going to concerts that have reserved seating (also because you get to sit while you wait instead of spending hours standing). But for those that do need a bit of a wait, a good book is always a necessity. That and an iPod with the songs of the person/group you’re seeing perform. Plus, water and a quick snack if you haven’t eaten before falling in line.

Being in and enjoying the moment is crucial
I’m all for taking a few photos and even a few seconds of clips to share online of a favorite song or something but the appeal of recording every single minute of a concert is completely lost on me. If you wanted a recorded version of the concert, then buy the DVD or something. I go to concerts because I love hearing bands/artists perform live. The older I get, the more I just want to be there in the moment.

"It's just you and I tonight. Why don't you figure my heart out?" @The1975

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Bask in the love
The thing with concerts or gatherings of this kind is that it usually is a great environment to be in. I like being surrounded by people who love the same thing that I do. It’s just one big celebration. I feel that most of the time and that makes me want to keep coming back.

Tone down the crazy
However, “love” can cross over to crazy town fairly easily. I am particularly disturbed by the incredibly suggestive “fan signs” from kids who looked like they were in their freshman or sophomore year in high school. Listen to this grandma kiddies. The bands appreciate the love and enthusiasm you throw their way but I don’t think most of them would be interested in starting up anything with you. Just tone it down a wee bit.

Credit The 1975’s Facebook page for main photo


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