Top Tunes for March/April 2014

Here’s another round of my bi-monthly Top Tunes post. As you can see I’ve decided to release it around the end of the second month just to make sure I squeeze in all the songs I can before I put it out. I have my usual eclectic mix of new and old for this entry. And I will admit it leans a bit more towards electronic music, a smidgen of hip-hop, and a touch of sadness. It’s probably true that you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Anyway, I digress… here are my latest picks for March and April.

Son Lux – Easy (Switch Screens) (feat. Lorde)

Lorde is my queen of dark pop. And she takes that brand of quirkiness with her in this remixed version of Son Lux’s “Easy.” It mixes a big band kind of sound with electronic. And it takes Lorde’s love for percussive sound and mixes it with her haunting voice.

Rudimental – Free (feat. Emeli Sandé)

“Free” is one of those songs you can turn to when you’re feeling a bit lost. Trust me because it’s been getting me through some rather tough emotions I’ve been carrying around. The music video mirrors that feeling of breaking free from whatever is holding you back.

Daft Punk – Computerized (feat. Jay-Z)

I don’t think anyone is sure yet what this song from Daft Punk is for. But I’m not really complaining. Any new song from this French electronic music duo receives the attention it needs from me. I don’t think they can do no wrong in my eyes (and ears). I find this song to be perfect for a run, especially since it crescendos at around the 2:50-3:00 mark.

Pia Mia – Fight For You (feat. Chance The Rapper)

Since the Divergent movie came out, that means the soundtrack made its debut as well. While I will admit I’m a bigger fan of The Catching Fire soundtrack, I do have a few favorites on this soundtrack (aside from the Ellie Goulding songs, of course). This Pia Mia track is one of them. It fits right into the chill electronic genre I love to listen to.

London Grammar – Strong

Hannah Reid’s voice is so haunting. It creates this ethereal quality to London Grammar’s sound and adds a bit more drama into their songs. The track that immediately caught my attention was “Strong.” It puts me into a rather contemplative mood and that’s its real draw for me.

Erik Hassle – Pathetic

Erik Hassle’s Somebody’s Party EP has this Justin Timberlake vibe to it. “Pathetic” is the greatest example of it. He makes a great song to dance to out of his desperation. He makes it seem so sexy. And I’d definitely have to recommend “Talk About It,” too.

Miley Cyrus – Maybe You’re Right

I have a soft spot for Miley’s Bangerz album. I haven’t really listened to any of her songs before (except for those they played on the radio) but I found myself drawn to this album. I have few favorites on this album and “Maybe You’re Right” is one of them. I think she put out a nice, solid pop album. I don’t really want to comment on her personal life since that’s her business. But I really do like Bangerz as a whole.

Banks – Before I Met You

A friend told me she sounds like the female version of The Weeknd and that’s probably why I’m drawn to her. Or it was her track “Waiting Game” on the Divergent soundtrack that I thought sounded like an Ellie Goulding song. Either way, her sound is right up my alley.

The 1975 – Robbers

In honor of having the boys in Manila for a series of shows, I knew I needed to include a track of theirs in this month’s Top Tunes. “Robbers” makes for a perfect nighttime drive companion or that romantic climax in a film that involves dancing. Yup. It definitely needs to involve dancing.

Natalia Kills – Saturday Night

We just got Spotify in the Philippines this month and I have been using it to catch up with stuff I haven’t listened to in a while and to discover new music. Natalia Cappuccini a.k.a. Natalia Kills is one of my favorite new discoveries. She reminds me a bit of Marina & the Diamonds and Robyn and all the other female empowered singers. It’s not really a bad thing. I find her songs to be quite catchy. “Saturday Night” has to be one of my favorites.

Ed Sheeran – Sing

I have gotten so used to hearing Ed Sheeran sing his beautiful and sad ballads that hearing him sing something so upbeat is quite jarring at first. That is until you listen to “Sing” carefully. And yes, you can certainly hear producer Pharrell in this song. It took me some time to love this song but I can’t deny that lovely falsetto and I’m such a sucker for when he raps. I think I’m just not used to having a danceable Ed Sheeran track. Speaking of Ed Sheeran, you have to give a listen to his full cover of Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love” (mixed with a bit of 1+1). It is perfection.

Michelle Featherstone – Coffee And Cigarettes

Slowing it back down with this old beauty from the One Tree Hill soundtrack. It still sounds just as painful as it did back in high school but I feel the weight of her words more now than then. This song is best reserved for those nights alone in bed and you’re feeling a bit lonely (although that might not work in your favor either).

Pulso – Biyahe

I went to the first Summer Siren music festival a few weeks ago and caught a bunch of my favorite local acts. But the biggest revelation to me at that event was hearing Pulso play for the first time. I have heard about them but haven’t been exposed to their music. Now, I feel cheated for not having heard from this trio before. I have become rather fond of this post-rock sound and the emotions these songs can evoke even without words. “Biyahe” (or Trip in English) is certainly the type of song that takes me on a journey. I’d gladly go out and see them perform again or buy an album they plan on releasing (which I hope is very soon).

Spazzkid – Candy Flavored Lips (feat. Skymarines)

I heard this song during Skymarines’s set at Summer Siren. Safe to say I became a fan instantly. She has this CHVRCHES/London Grammar/Birdy feel to her that just pulls you in. She sounds very ethereal. And if she is the future of Philippine music industry, I have to say I have hope for it yet. And this is definitely making me want to check out Spazzkid’s other stuff.

Neon Trees – Still Young

The only way I can describe Neon Trees’s sound is infectious. They have this whole teenage anthem thing going for them. It just overflows with optimism and good vibes. And with “Still Young” it hits me with a sense of nostalgia. I am waiting for that new album to drop and fall in love with them a bit more.

Drake – Doing It Wrong

I will admit that I started listening to Drake because of his Nothing Was The Same album. Now, I’m discovering his other albums and falling in love with them slowly, too. I love his slower tracks and “Doing It Wrong” is a perfect example of that. I like being able to hear him sing and rap on the same track. Plus, I like how he deals with big, “real” emotions.

Birdy – Not About Angels

Birdy has always had one of those really haunting voices I’ve grown to love. And that haunting voice seems perfect as part of The Fault In Our Stars movie’s soundtrack. “Not About Angels” sounds just as heartbreaking as I know the book was and the movie will be.

And in honor of Spotify opening in our country, I have decided to start making my playlists over there (plus, 8tracks has been taking out some of the tracks I’ve been putting there). You can also follow me if you want. However, some songs are not on the service yet (Pulso, I am looking at you) so there will be missing tracks.


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