Top Tunes for May/June 2014

A bit late but I really am committed to putting this out every time. I have some gems I’m real proud of for this post. I can’t wait to share them with you all. So without further ado, here’s the Top Tunes for May and June.

Active Child – Hanging On

I always thought “Hanging On” was an Ellie Goulding original. I did not know the song was originally by electronic music artist Pat Grossi a.k.a. Active Child. This ginger has that distinct voice that usually draws me to an artist. He has that haunting, sweeping quality to his sound. You should also check out his track Silhouette, which incidentally features Ellie Goulding’s vocals.

Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

I have been eagerly anticipating an Ed Sheeran record for a while so you can just imagine how excited I am for X. While “Sing” is the current single he’s using to promote the new album, he let slip another new song from the album on Later… with Jools Holland called “Thinking Out Loud.” It features that same heartwarming lyrics and melody that made me fall in love with Ed’s sound in the beginning. All I can say is I can’t wait for the album to come out (I actually already have the album but I will talk about that on another entry).

Nova Casa – Back For More

I usually get my electronic/instrumental fix on Soundcloud. One such artist I stumbled upon recently is Nova Casa. I love the rather chill and mellow tunes I’ve found on his channel. The sound does fit in quite nicely for those night drives around the city or just chilling by the beach (which I miss immensely at this time of the year).

Balance and the Traveling Sounds – Something About Us

This jazzy take on Daft Punk’s original song is a refreshing take on it. I love the R&B mixed into it as well. I find this to be a perfect track to listen to while at a beach somewhere.

Sia – Chandelier

Not only is there the really talented Maddie Zeigler performing this song on the official music video and on Ellen there is also that real powerful vocals of Sia to back it up. I haven’t really been able to listen to Sia as much (I know something must be wrong with me) but “Chandelier” is making me want to pay attention.

Two Door Cinema Club – Changing Of The Seasons

here is something optimistic yet sad about this track. It must be that signature Two Door Cinema Club mixed with the idea of someone moving on. I can listen to this all day.

Bloc Party – Helicopter

I haven’t really listened to Bloc Party in the past (yes, I know something is definitely wrong with me) but this track is making me want to pay want to pay attention. It also makes me want to go on a run.

Savages – Fuckers

You just got to love a song from an all-female post-punk band that reminds you to not “let the fuckers get you down.” The lyrics are just as powerful as the sound and it makes me want to hear more and more from them. Yes, I am speaking from that #girlpower perspective.

Alt-J – Hunger Of The Pine

They had me at the opening chord of this song. I feel like Alt-J can’t do anything wrong in my book. There is something so soothing about their sound that I can listen to on repeat. The Miley Cyrus sampling in this song is genius, too.

Discovery – Orange Shirt

This latest “discovery” (pun intended) puts a smile on my face every time I hear it. I wonder if it has something to do with the album cover, too. But there’s just something so cool about Discovery and their entire sound.

Lana Del Rey – West Coast (The GRADES Icon mix)

This has to be my favorite remix of West Coast. I would even dare to say this is my favorite version of the song. It has a more sensual feel to it and just makes it quite cool.

Disclosure – F For You (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)

I recently found out that Disclosure will be coming to my side of the world next month. I had a mild fangirl attack when I got the news and tried to score tickets as quickly as possible. I don’t even have anyone to go with to the concert but I just knew I needed to be there. In honor of this news I have included one Disclosure track on this playlist.

Kate Torralba – Under My Stars

I was able to attend the fourth Sofar Sounds gig in May and was treated to some new good music to check out. One of them is from Filipina fashion-designer-turned-musician Kate Torralba. She has this sound that reminds me of Regina Spektor and the like. She has very relatable songs and nice melodies to go with them.

She’s Only Sixteen – Whatever That Was

Speaking of Sofar Sounds, here’s another act from the same gig that has caught my attention. One of my friends have been telling me for a while to give She’s Only Sixteen a listen but I haven’t really gotten around to it. I was missing a lot by not listening to them. Lead singer Roberto Sena’s voice reminds me a bit of Arctic Monkey’s Alex Turner and I mean that as a compliment. I can’t wait to hear from them. Heaven knows I’ve played all the songs on their Soundcloud account one too many times.

Deptford Goth – Feel Real

I have to thank Orphan Black‘s Tatiana Maslany for this discovery. Daniel Woolhouse’s vocals reminds me a bit of Pat Grossi (Active Child) so it would seem like a perfect ending for this entry. There is something very, very soothing about his sound. As you can tell I am a sucker for this kind of music. I want to hear more of him. That’s for sure.

I’d love to hear what you guys are listening to this month. Leave a comment below. Of course, I’m offering it up as a playlist on Spotify again that you can check out after this paragraph.


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