The birth of 2.O

I have a habit of calling them my babies. The magazines I work for. The things I write. They come from a deep part of me that once promised I would make a living by stringing words together (or at least being as close to them as possible).

The birth of 2.O

So, you see how apprehensive I am to share this. It is personal as it is a professional endeavor. It is still my baby after all. I want to protect it as much as I can but I also know it has to see the light of day. I work with a talented group of people who helped this thing get off the ground. And I know we have so much to improve on and build on to make 2.O the best it can be.

It’s been months and months in the making and to just see it in its final (yet initial) form warms my heart. I can’t keep it sheltered for long. I’m not sure what the reception would be. I don’t know what will happen from here. We have a vision of where we want to take it but I’m not sure if we’ll head straight down that path or take so many detours it might make me falter. (I’m betting it’s the latter.)


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