The Wandering Geekette is a pop culture fiend (of the Western and Japanese persuasion, particularly), a food lover, and a not-so-closet alcohol lover. She lives for music and she feels like it lives within her, too.

She has started and stopped blogging since the age of 13 and wants to make sure she sticks with it this time.

She gave up an editorial job at a tech-lifestyle magazine to “concentrate on writing.” Not sure how that’s going to pan out in the long run but she will write until words refuse to leave her brain and transfer on to the pages of a notebook or on a word processor. And yes, she enjoys writing descriptions like this in the third person.

You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.


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  1. Hi, Nicole! I saw your blog’s link from Arriane’s Wanderrgirl blogging challenge. I then browsed to some of your entries and I just found myself stuck here on your site. Haha! You have a lot of good stuff here. Very much worth reading. 😉 You definitely have a voice for writing.

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