Dearest + Moonwlk

I get to cover a lot of cool things for work. And a couple of months back, I got invited by JBL Philippines to check out a global music movement they’re backing called Sofar Sounds. There is a local version of it and they recently celebrated their anniversary. I’m thankful I got invited by the organizer to attend as a guest this time and not as someone on assignment.

But as you can see, I can’t help but write about the things I discover. And at the same time, I want to debut a new concept for Top Tunes. Instead of compiling things at two-month intervals, I’d rather share new music I love as I discover them. And Sofar is a great avenue for finding new great acts.

At their anniversary show, the three artists they got to play include Dearest, Moonwlk, and Barbie Almalbis. Barbie has been in the music scene since my early teens (and she is still as incredible as ever) so I’m choosing to concentrate on the other two acts.

It was easier for me to identify with Dearest’s sound. Safe to say, I was an instant fan. Plus, it helps that they are kind of dorky (and I’ve always appreciated dorky). They do have a great sample of songs out there already and it excites me to see what their first album will sound like.

Top tunes - Dearest + Moonwlk - Dearest

My picks for what to listen to:


Don’t Call Me Back (a.k.a. DCMB)

As usual, the sad songs get to me.

“We know how to play instruments and not just push buttons and shout at people,” says the EDM duo of Moonwlk. Their stripped down set was a revelation. And it’s not about EDM artists in general but more about how they sound specifically. There is an ethereal quality to their music wrapped in simple lyrics. It’s quite infectious.

Top tunes - Dearest + Moonwlk - Moonwlk

My picks for what to listen to:

Choose Me

You’re Electric Kiss Is Late Always

I’d love to hear what you think about this new approach I’m doing with Top Tunes. You can comment below


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